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Vendor Name List

Click the "Add a new Name" button to open a blank field that can receive a Vendor or Mold Mfg Name.
This database may also be used as a reference of contact information for various vendors or designers.

After entering a name, be sure to click the "Post Additions/Changes" button.

Do not delete a name if it is used in any of the database records. If the "Name" field on the main form is blank, check the name field on the Search Databases Page. If a name is displayed on the database page. then the name has been erased from the Name Database. Enter the name and it should then display in the Name field on the main form.

Do not try to erase the name "A New Name" from the database. It will just be created again when a new record is created. A new record must contain at least one populated field. "A New Name" is entered to avoid a "Blank Record" error message.