Reamer or SAAMI and C.I.P. chamber specs

When actual chamber information is not available, use measurement values from reamer specifications, SAAMI or European C.I.P. chamber specifications may be used to set up chamber specification records.
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Sample Reamer Diagrams 

Standard Chamber Specification

Copyright restrictions concerning intellectual material do not allow distribution of SAMMI and C.I.P. chamber drawings.
However access to their website drawing information and values of the dimensions is not restricted. The published values may be entered into the chamber and cartridge records that are used in this software.

U.S. SAAMI Standards:

Click the link, and when the website opens, select the type of chamber and click on the caliber listing to open the cartridge and chamber data for that caliber.

SAAMI Information and Specs

SAAMI Rimfire Cartridges

SAAMI Centerfire Pistol & Revolver Cartridges

SAAMI Centerfire Rifle Cartridges

SAAMI Shotshell

European C.I.P. Standards:

Click the link, and when the webpage opens, go to the bottom right of the chart to select one of several pages of calibers. Select a caliber and, in the column labeled "TDCC", click on "EN" to view the chamber and cartridge drawings. To view the tolerances and other specs for the selected caliber, click on "EN" in the column titled "Annexe".

The C.I.P. Standard dimensions are listed as metric values. 
To convert the metric values to inches, divide each value by 25.4.

C.I.P. Rimless cartridges

C.I.P. Rimmed Cartridges

C.I.P. Magnum Cartridges

C.I.P. Pistol & Revolver Cartridges

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