Cast Bullet Design Module

When bullet design dimensional values have been calculated in the Chamber
Bullet Design Page,    those  values are written to the Cast Bullet Design Database and the Cast Bullet Design Sketch module is opened with a preliminary sketch of the designed bullet.

The  bullet is designed to fit the neck, and throat area of the barrel chamber within the pre set Design parameters.

Modifications may be made to that design, keeping in mind that the as-cast, crimp bandfront band, and bore ride diameters, along with the overall bullet length, in case length, front band and bore ride lengths are calculated to fit the design chamber.

After the desired changes are made, click the Draw Cartridge button and the drawing module will open with the image drawn according to the values in the bullet record.

First, click the "Custom ~ Size and Scale" radio button at the upper left of the form. The focus will shift to the "Custom pixels per inch" data entry window.

Enter the same scale value as used when the Chamber Image was drawn and saved.

Check the Small frame, Show bullet dimensions, ?, IncaseUp, Length?, Label bullet and Precision x 4 checkboxes.

Click the "Draw Bullet" button.

Finally, click the "Rotate Image" button to open the Rotate Bitmap module

The software should automatically draw an image that is rotated 90 degrees. If not, enter "90" in the edit window and click the button titled "Rotate".

Check the  Autowrite Filename, Edit Filename and Show Scale in Filename checkboxes.l

Click the "Save to File" Button.

Save the bullet image, as a Bitmap format, in the same manner and in the same folder location as the chamber and cartridge case images.

On computers with a 32 bit operating system, the folder will normally be located at:
C:\Program Files\TMT\Precision\AllNew\Draw\ChamberPics\

On computers with a 64 bit operating system, the folder will normally be located at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\TMT\Precision\AllNew\Draw\ChamberPics\

Locate the Caliber Folder.

Save the bullet image in the Caliber Folder.

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